Texas sage shrub

A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to take another photo of a landscape I passed by in a neighborhood where I had just finished up a landscape consultation.

不幸的是,我经常看到一些真正“有趣”的例子 或者我应该说“不好” pruning.  I drove by this landscape and then made a U-turn so that I could take a quick photo…

Shrub pruning

Shrub pruning

I don’t know about you, but these Texas sage shrubs look like mushrooms, don’t you think?

Sadly, 这样修剪这些美丽的开花灌木, 夺走他们的花, 增加了维护难度, 制造枯木,缩短寿命.

While there are quite a few shrubs that take well to repeated formal pruning – doing this to flowering shrubs should be avoided.

I must admit that I have seen Texas sage and other flowering shrubs pruned into many different shapes…

But, let me be frank – shrubs aren’t meant to be cupcakes, frisbees or gumdrops


  • 它去掉了灌木为自己制造能量所需的叶子
  • Excessive pruning actually makes your shrubs grow faster, which equals MORE maintenance
  • Shrubs pruned often require more water as they constantly work to replace foliage lost
  • 持续的修剪会缩短你的灌木的寿命
  • 绿色的“斑点”与美丽的开花灌木相比是丑陋的

If you are tired of the time and money it takes to maintain flowering shrubs the ‘wrong’ way. 我邀请你加入我的网络 灌木修剪车间 在那里我可以教你正确的修剪方法.

Imagine your outdoor space filled with beautiful, flowering shrubs instead of green ‘balls’. Believe it or not, the shrubs in the photo above are the SAME plant – they have just been maintained differently. The one on the left takes much more money and time and the other thrives with pruning once (or twice) a year.

In my online class, I show you how to work with your landscaper or how you can take care of your shrubs yourself. 在你的风景中已经有了“绿球”? 我会教你如何让它们恢复活力,以及一年中最好的时机.

So, ditch the ‘green blobs’ in your yard and learn how to prune with confidence – it’s much easier than you think. Learn more here 以及学生对这门课的看法.

Noelle Johnson, aka, “AZ植物女士”是一名园艺师, certified arborist, 景观顾问,帮助人们学习如何创造, grow, 并保持美丽的沙漠花园在炎热的天气中茁壮成长, dry climate. 她是通过她来做这件事的 consulting services, her online class Desert Gardening 101和她每月的会员俱乐部, 穿过花园门. As she likes to tell desert-dwellers, "Gardening in the desert isn't hard, but it is different."
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  1. Shirley Fox
    Shirley Fox says:

    That's so sad. I love Texas sage when it flowers and to rob it of flowers is unfortunate.


  2. David Cristiani
    David Cristiani says:

    They look really odd next to the cactus and ocotillo left naturally – like something from a kids fantasy book. 我想知道,同样的人的小时可以从丑陋, 适得其反的任务(根据你的便条少开花), and reallocated to something else on their property with positive horticultural results? 但还是很有趣,因为这不是我的工作!

  3. RichNV
    RichNV says:

    Seems like this is an all too common practice even with so-called professional landscapers who practice this in our entire HOA area. 我称之为屠宰. 他们应该在肉类市场工作. 你还以为他们会更清楚呢. Do they really not have enough work to do, or are they just justifying their worth? 希望HOA不要求这样做.
    What's even funnier is homeowners pay to have them do this on their own property. Next door to me, a landscape service butchers an African Sumac into a 4-foot shrub. 简直蠢得难以形容.

  4. Debbie
    Debbie says:

    When we moved to phoenix 5 years ago from Washington State the two things we noticed was how many people hire their yard care and the mutilated pruning of most bushes. How most of the sages in HOAs near us are done they remind me of giant pushpins. Actually prefer the mushrooms to that but i am more a fan of cottage garden style and minimal pruning in my landscapes.

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